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We took Dragons of Elanthia to PAX Prime last week, and received some nice attention from several members of the press. Here's what they had to say:

" What Elanthia is trying to do is incorporate your favorite arena-esque elements of PVP combat with everyone's favorite fantasy creature, giving you total control over your very own mounted dragon. It's not entirely novel, but it's rare enough that it still warrants a close look... In addition to the generally amazing dragon-based aerial combat, there's an experience-based progression system to help you power up your dragon and rider, which impacts each independently. "
Josh Vanderwall, The Escapist

"There aren't enough gaming experiences where you saddle a dragon, have it breathe some fire, and fight some other gosh dang dragons that are also subsequently saddled and forced to breathe fire. But thankfully, there's this neat little indie title called Dragons of Elanthia–and it's all about online multiplayer warfare between dragons and the daredevil jockeys who ride them. "
Landon Robinson, Inside Gaming Daily

"It's really cool and it's really fun to play, and actually quite innovative ... I was impressed with Dragons of Elanthia. "
TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit

"Dragons of Elanthia adds a fantasy twist to a multiplayer shooter. "
Megan Farokhmanesh, Polygon