Lightning Drake

Today we’re previewing one of the fastest dragons in Elanthia, the Lightning Drake. This dragon is all about getting into enemy territory, doing some damage, and rocketing out before anyone’s the wiser.

Gifted with incredible maneuverability, the Lightning Drake can fly rings around most other dragons. And once you’re circling your new prey, you can start tagging them with your primary attack, Lightning Strike.

" Get in, zap an enemy, and then get out before they can retaliate."

When it comes to quick escapes, the Lightning Drake is perhaps the most reliable dragon we have so far. That reliability comes from its secondary ability, Flashforward. When you activate it, you get a massive burst of thrust that propels you forward for a few seconds, so that you can leave enemies, projectiles, and everything else in the dust. Of course, you still have to make sure that you don’t dash into a wall or something, but thankfully this dragon's maneuverability makes that pretty simple.

Lightning Drake

Now when it comes right down to it, the Lightning Drake is pretty fragile. It has a fairly low maximum health, and while it’s a small and fast target, it can’t last under a prolonged assault. That’s where its passive ability, Hypercharge, comes in. Every time you get hit by an attack, all of your cooldowns get a little bit shorter (including rider abilities). The amount scales with how much damage you take, so getting burned by a Fireball is going to help you more than getting hit by a Magic Arrow. But either way, your enemies have to be aware that the more they hit you, the closer you get to activating Flashforward again.

That’s the Lightning Drake in a nutshell. A very small, fast nutshell, which is appropriate for such a small, fast dragon.

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